Min’s Test Kitchen


Our partners from Wynn Las Vegas make spectacular events, and one of them is a creative culinary journey with Michelin-Recognized Chef Min. We needed to make a fast and laconic website, which allows users to buy tickets for the event, gives the exceptional information about the event itself and the menu. The website had to reflect an experimental approach not only to cooking but also to performance during the event. Wynn’s marketing executives contacted us to make the website as fast as it is possible, as their promotional campaign should’ve started soon.

  • Website page speed had to be 85+ (by google page speed)

  • Design had to be implemented by “pixel perfect” framework

  • Safe payment gateways had to be implemented

  • User notification system had to be developed

What we did

We’ve chosen a headless stack technology, which allows creating a fast website and gives an opportunity to implement all the technology requirements we had. The website was developed in React.js + Contentful, so content management was also seamless.

The website hit 89 points of page speed, as our partners required. The design was implemented exactly as it was prototyped, so users can enjoy the experimental yet innovational user flow while browsing the website.

Users can also indulge in Chef's Omakase menu, which features several courses and off-menu specials curated by Chef Kim. To receive updates and secure an invite to the exclusive Omakase experience, users can enroll in SMS notifications.

The website was delivered on time, as Soflex team always gives realistic deadlines. Our partners launched their company without any delays, and were satisfied with the quality of the development. We continue to work with Wynn Las Vegas and support this project whenever it needs to.

Since launch, more than 1000 guests used our website to reserve a table or check the information about event.

We’ve implemented an impressive video on the main page, and even though it’s high quality and uses lots of resources to load, we still gain 85+ page speed score

We’ve used headless stack, so the website is not only fast, it also provides users with a flawless user experience

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