Performance Issues: The website was too slow, affecting business growth, customer acquisition, SEO, conversion rates, and market reach

Operational Limits:  Basepaws’ former setup made quick changes harder, especially in UX/UI and A/B testing

Shopify Liquid Stack:  The former configuration limited the client flexibility in maintaining the website and providing fast changes

Branding Barriers:  Shopify’s limits held back Basepaws’ brand storytelling

Launching New Product:  Basepaws had new product ready to launch simultaneously with the new design

What we did

We developed for Basepaws a proprietary front-end platform with high level of flexibility, high front-end browser performance.

  • Boosted Average Pagespeed Scores from 29 to 60+
  • Integrated Completely New Design
  • Seamless Shopping Experience
Seamless Shopping Experience

Unlike most combined stack solutions on the market, we connect the shopping and content environments under one single front-end application. In this way, we made it possible to abstain from using multiple subdomains and preserve the full potential of the website for SEO and User Success. Shopify API made possible easy management of products and sales workflow, while Contentful allows flexible management of any text or media throughout the website.

Improved Pagespeed Performance

Shopify as a previous platform had major limitations on Page speed load. Now Basepaws can benefit from Shopify’s advantages, mitigating the front-end drawbacks. The page speed advanced drastically from 18 to 65+, which is a great improvement not just for SEO but also for great User Experiences. Powered by the latest tech by Next.js we implemented ISG (Incremental Static Regeneration) technology to provide high speeds of page load without long building wait times.

Completely New Layout from Scratch

Basepaws also had a major shift forward from the point of view of design. A fresh look on the brand required a keen eye on the realisation of the project, so we made sure all new advancements in this direction made correctly and with the latest tech.

Two new Content Categories

With the appearance of new product, we managed to create a platform for two new content categories, Breed Library and Dog-related blogs. Built on Contenful-Next.js pairing, and a custom design, these content categories are made to deliver best user experience and SEO results possible from the tech side.

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